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We aid men in living their most fulfilling lives, be the most optimal person they can be, as well as bond more deeply with their friends through conducting the kind of research that proves the mainstream will not bring new technologies and methods to alter lives. Zander Holt has worked in the field of wellness and health primarily as physical therapist for more than 30 years. He has also developed various proprietary methods and systems that allow you to access the facial tissues in the body to produce massive transformative changes that are holistically safe without surgery, drugs that are irreparably damaged or painful injections. Zander Holt, along with his group of scientists specialize in funding and identifying every research that institutions won’t or conduct to find what is at the heart of problems that impact our lives, relationships and our masculinity. Our programs and videos have assisted hundreds of men around the world achieve and become what they are made to be active, strong and confident. We are honored to provide our community by providing top coaching and video-based training to shed light on things that undermine men’s abilities to be at their best and be the most effective possible for them and their loved ones.

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