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Profitable Brands by Top Figure Everything you need to build a successful E-commerce brand online

What’s Included in The Program!
Welcome To Profitable Brands

Section 1: The Foundation
Things We Wish We Knew Starting Out
Secrets of Selling Online
The Compound Effect
How Mindset is Important to Your Success in Ecommerce
The Learning Dip
Intro to Ecommerce (General Store or Niche Store)
What Makes A Winner Product
How to Find Winning Products (Part 1)
How to Find Winning Products (Part 2)
About Us Page Strategy (NEW)*
Ali Shark Product Research
Dropshipping Center Product Research (Finding Hidden Jems)

Section 2: Setting Up Your Brand
Color Psychology in Your Brand
Choosing A Good Business Name & Designing Your Logo
Setting Up Your Shopify Store
Adding A Product to Your Store
Step-by-Step Designing Your Store
Brand Aesthetics (NEW)*
How to Set Prices For Your Products
Loox Reviews
The Importance of Customer Service
How to Find Influencers For Your Brand
Turning Customers Into Influencers (NEW)*
Should You Use Paypal?
How to Setup Stripe Payments
How to Fulfill Orders When You Get Sales
How to Increase Store Conversions
Unboxing Experience (NEW)*
All The Shopify Apps We Use (NEW)*
Leveraging The Power of Upsells to Increase Conversions
Q&A Interview w/ Influencer Sumaya Keynan 100k+ Followes
Build To Sell (NEW)*
Obtaining Funding & Credit (NEW)*

Section 3: Launching Facebook Ads
Understanding Facebook Advertising: Why Is Social Media FREE to Use?
Creating Your Facebook Ad Account
How Facebook Ads Works & Budget
Good Ad vs Bad Ad
Ad Testing Strategy (Updated)
Setting Up Facebook Ads Part 1: Setting Interests/Age/Demographic
Setting Up Facebook Ads Part 2: Adding Video Copy
Creating The Perfect Thumbnail
How to Make Custom Ad Videos
Creating Custom Ad Creative Videos (NEW)*
Break Even Point (BEP)
How to Stay Profitable
Setting Up & Reading Your Facebook Data Columns
What is CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) & When to Use It
Custom Audiences & Lookalikes
Managing Negative Comments (Ad & Page Moderation)
Scaling Part #1
Duplicating & Doubling Adsets Scaling #2 (Increasing Budgets
Avoiding Ad Fatigue
Ad Retargeting
0-$50,000 Case Study in 30 Days

Bad Keywords To Moderate For Your Page & Ads
Shopify Store Launch Checklist
21X ROAS Case Study Depesh Mandalia
Books We Recommend Reading
Dropshipping Center Link
Contact Us, FAQ, and Returns Pages
Shipping & Customs Template
Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting
Facebook Ad Copy Policy
ePacket Countries List


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