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Seven Figure Freedom is a unique membership that helps funnel builders, marketing consultants, and agency owners double their revenue in 90 days without sales seeming difficult, advice overwhelm, or sales tied to working hours so they can achieve financial freedom

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Skip The Bullshit. How To Choose The Best And Most Effective Sales And Marketing Tactics For Your Funnel Business
How A Dead-Broke, Overwhelmed Marketing Freelancer Changed His Entire Funnel Business And Sold $10,000’s Of Funnels From Just One Hour A Week

Anchen le Roux
Anchen Le Roux

I started just after leaving my day job so Sell Your Service has been very much part of the growth of my company. I’ve grown about 55% each of the last 2 years. So I’ve come from having a dream about running my own thing to where I’m now starting to experience the freedom of living a life where I make the rules.
Robert Simmons

The content is killer. I love that everything is able to be rebranded and used with my own clients. seems with that much content the quality would be only so-so, but that’s just not the case.
Emilie Grau

Mike’s course is great because he gives tactics and mindset goals. I used to struggle with finding a niche and creating attractive and scalable marketing packages. Not any more!

What if you knew your funnel business was going in the right direction?

If you’ve got one hour a week I guarantee you’ll feel more confident about the future of your marketing funnel business (and your own confidence in yourself).

If you’re fed up with all “theory” and no practice, I’ll show you exactly what’s working in my funnel business and dozens of others.

No theory, all practice

No hypothetical ideas, just tested practices and experience and evidence

I know what it’s like to want to build a successful business and provide for your family.

I wanted total clarity and confidence in my business, I wanted to know that “this is going to work” and that I was on the right path to success.

Overwhelming amounts of data

There is so much INPUT nowadays. Everyone has an opinion on marketing. Everyone has the next tactic or “hack”. And it’s overwhelming.

Lack of growth

Overall, it’s frustrating because you feel like you’re not growing. Every goal feels just out of reach. It’s like you’re wading through treacle and it’s exhausting to just move a few steps.
Mike Killen
Hey, I’m Mike
I teach sales confidence
Mike Killen is an international speaker, author and motivates funnel builders to find hidden benefits to their products and services that are so desirable, they can’t help but sell more
I was letting family down

I used to feel like I was letting everyone down. My family, my girlfriend, my staff. I was constantly worried about the impact of my decisions and would work myself into the ground trying to do everything.

But at the end of the day, I never finished my “to-do” list. I couldn’t take care of all the bills, we weren’t going on holiday, I didn’t feel like I was contributing my fair share.

Sleepless nights worrying

Should I advertise more? Or should I be creating productised services. Or software?

Should I be networking or join a mastermind group? I was trying everything and nothing, terrified that I was doing the wrong thing.

What am I doing wrong?

I’d look around and see all these other agencies and marketing businesses talk about how great their business was. How they were “crushing” it. And yet, I seemed to be working harder.

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