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On Page SEO 2021 by Kyle is best known for revealing the “secret” hidden in plain sight: Google’s algorithm is an algorithm. In other words, it all comes down to one thing – Math.

Kyle demonstrated this by ranking number one in Google with a page consisting of gibberish text and only a handful of target keywords.

This is mainly due to the famous Facebook SEO competition where he got #1 in organic, #1 in Google Maps and even took the Knowledge Panel!

Become an SEO ninja yourself!

In 2019 Kyle, Ted and Andy started an internet platform for SEOs, for beginner SEOs to advanced SEOs. The current platform is called Ion-page SEO, MG Courses and is filled with online courses. , including affiliate marketing, technical SEO and SEO Testing. A group of SEO testers share their view on certains SEO rankings factors.

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