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Ignite is a done-with-you online course where we’ll help you create a big-picture marketing strategy, implement from A to Z, and explode your business through paid ads.

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Things you do NOT have time for as a best selling author, course creator, transformative coach, or innovative entrepreneur…
Futzing with your Facebook ad strategy because, for some reason, it just stopped working.
Learning and RE-learning the ever-changing Facebook and Instagram algorithms.
Dealing with a bunch of unqualified leads (or ZERO leads) that your funnel keeps shipping you.
Your Facebook ad accounts getting disabled and ads getting rejected again and again and again for no good reason.
Not knowing what steps to take when planning your launch or how to program all the tech.
Getting disappointing results from the marketing agency that promised you the moon.
Not knowing where to even start with ads!
Overthinking your marketing to the point where you’re stuck in analysis paralysis.
You know, stuff like…

Making waves with your passion & fresh perspective

Establishing yourself as a new authority in your niche

Connecting with an audience that loves and trusts you

Building a brand that you feel confident about sharing

Growing an online empire for yourself and your family
But you can’t do ANY of the things you want to do in the BIG way you want to do them IF you don’t have the right marketing plan in place.

What if there was another way? What if you COULD…

Have a marketing strategy
and funnel map that you UNDERSTAND.


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