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the Facebook Ads Attribution & Tracking Trinity by Depesh Mandalia.

Well 2021 was fun as an advertiser am I right?

Ok let’s skip past the pain because you want to know what problem The FAATT Framework solves, whether it’ll help you, what’s included and how much it costs, so let me keep it straight to the point for you because your time is money:

What exactly is The FAATT Framework?

It’s a video based training system designed to solve the following problems:

1) The lack of data Facebook’s been receiving following the iOS14 changes enforced by Apple.

2) The lack of data we, the advertisers, have had available to make the right decisions on ad spend and optimisation.

3) The clear concern many people have on which software ‘solution’ to choose to solve the iOS14 problems (tip: 95% of you don’t need any software)

How will the video training help me solve those problems?

I’ve provided step by step guidance using videos and tips in each video on exactly what you need in order to solve the 2 problems highlighted above.

This includes:

– The browser pixel (and how to squeeze more juice from it)

– The Conversion API (and what to look for in a ‘proper’ setup)

– Offline conversions (and the secret to bypassing iOS14 limitations with it)

– Using Google Analytics (GA) to read your ads data (including spying on users to see which ads they click from first click to purchase in your ad campaigns – this alone is worth the price of admission to the training!)

– Using Shopify advanced marketing insights (and how to track ad click to the exact products purchased)

– Plus a whole lot more….

Will it work for me? If you can answer yes to ALL the following then I believe The FAATT Framework will be the most transformational download your brain has had this year:

1. Have you run Facebook ads and had some success already?

2. Do you run ads to a website? (the training focusses mainly on Ecommerce + Shopify but the material is still 90% relevant regardless of your platform including Lead Gen, Coaching and Affiliates)

3. Do you have, or can you install Google Analytics (free)?

4. Can you commit to 2-3 hours of learning what I’m sharing (I’ve intentionally kept the training short to help you maximise your return on time invested)

5. Do you believe Facebook ads can and should get you better results?

Then I believe I can help you.

What EXACTLY Will I Get?

Here’s exactly what you’re getting to help you decide if this is what your (or your clients’) business needs right now:

1. Login access to the on-demand video training I’ve created, broken into 2 key sections: improving the data quality going to Facebook and then improving the data insights from which you decide where to spend your budget.

2. A FREE ad campaign analysis template for Google Analytics that will allow you to analyse your ad account performance outside of Facebook (and in fact, other ad accounts too if you like such as TikTok or Snap or YouTube)

3. A FREE Zapier template for Shopify for CAPI (server pixel events) – showing you how to automatically enhance reporting events from Shopify into Facebook (you can override Shopify’s own implementation and customise it if you wish

4. A FREE Zapier template for Shopify for Offline Conversions – allowing you to further enhance the data you’re able to make decisions from in Ads Manager (as my ELITE students said, THIS is a game changer). We’ll soon also release the ClickFunnels version to so you can track calls and sales generated from calls.

5. Demonstration and setup for how to track click path data in Google Analytics – so you can see exactly which ads were clicked on the way to purchase across every channel (so you can spend your ad dollars in the right place at the top, middle and bottom of funnel)

6. I’ll show you how to hack into Shopify’s own analysis tools with GA tracking to give you a 3rd data point to make decisions from (outside of Ads Manager and GA)

7. I’ll give you 30-days to see results else you can get your money back; implement and see the results for yourself – and if you don’t see your return on investment higher than the cost of the program and solutions we’ll refund you.

8. No ongoing monthly fees for any updates we make on the templates or the training, unlike expensive 3rd party software some of which do exactly what we’re showing you to do at no additional cost.




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