Dan Hollings – The Plan (Phase 3) Rebalancing


Name of course: Dan Hollings – The Plan (Phase 3 – Rebalancing) | Size: GB
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Dan Hollings – The Plan (Phase 3) Rebalancing


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You can now sign up The Plan (Phase 3) with special discounted BETA pricing.

This is the third time Dan is teaching these phases in Beta format… so this is BETA 3 for each of these phases.

If you enjoyed Phase 1 (Bot trading), you will love these next phases because they are easier to implement and require even less work. In these phases you will truly learn to perfect the skill of “doing nothing!”

You can sign up for each phase individually at a special beta-only discount or sign up for both at once, and save even more!

Just as before, these phases will be taught live (in beta format) and recorded, so you can watch again and again in the members’ area. You will also get future versions of the phases you purchase now for free.

Note: You will be required to sign a participation agreement before you can access any of the course content (just like you did when you joined Phase 1!)


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